Daisy & Kooly - "In Tandem Stand Alone/Send Back" Singles

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   Pounce and the Bounce (and re-edit)                                               RockCut State Park DTA
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                             "Moments Not Forgotten" - The Reasons for Having a Camera

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Kwick "Slide Show Test"

Young Pounce - "From 1st Day Home"

                62 "captures" with a Canon camera that goes everywhere.....in a Pelican case

I use a Canon Rebel xTi. Most action pictures are taken with a Canon 28-135 mm lens. While many training "setups" are often taken using a wide angle Tamron 17-50 mm lens. This is a relatively inexpensive DSLR "package".  Photo editing is done with Corel PaintShop Pro X7
and MS Paint (both of which make a huge difference in the final "look"). 

I have a Canon 70-200 mm lens mostly because forums "advised " it would be a significant improvement. However, it is just too "in the way" when hunting "up close and dirty" plus not wide enough for training setups. Realistically, hunting or training requires a singular focus to perform well and avoid mistakes. It becomes a juggling act when photography is attempted
at the same time. KISS works well for me....and I do end up with a few gratifying "keepers".  

                              note: The Pelican case was a forced decision (after a "dunk").

  Google maps are "wonderful"......however, photos are forever!

Stoughton field trial grounds water
      full ponds with "lunging  fun"
        "Pounce" - March 21, 2016

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March 2016 warm days and cold  (mostly in between)