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June 28th, Pounce and I took the short drive to "The Sand Ponds". It's been several years since last training there. A few days ago, I touched bases with the persons in charge and we renewed the permission ID.

Wow! It has changed a great deal with more tall weeds and less water. I "seized" a Google photo which is very accurate and I could measure distances. The best thing is the short drive.......less than five minutes.

Pounce was on "cloud nine" with all of the exploring! We walked for a long time through tall weeds, up and down gravel based soil and found clean, cool and deep water. Some of the old ponds were totally dry. However, two wonderful "wet spots" still remain. With a Google Map now in hand there are a few sections of the property left to inspect.

​                       The following photos reveal the panorama of the Sand Pond's DTA
                      and highlight Pounce's joy created by the excitement of exploring.

Pounce at the "Sand Ponds" DTA