"The Day" Officially begins at 6:30 - 7 am  
                                                          Gigi's Schedule

airing (fenced space, visually/physically supervised) The time is usually based on a verbal  "request” (bedroom night crate), brought back in to deck crate, fed, watered & aired again

two hours later aired again and moved to living room (on lead) directly supervised or in living room crate

noon...aired in the middle of the day back to living room and ”supervised”
afternoons (for now) - training session and back home to rest in her living room crate
        note: Pounce and Gigi's bedroom & living room crates are next to each other

fed at 5:30 pm and aired again....remains in living room with a late night airing and up to a bedroom crate 10-11 pm to sleep

This routine is “rinsed” and repeated daily (predictable structure)

All "transition" movements are done on lead (when entering and exiting crates, rooms, house, up/down tri-level stairs or van). The consistent focus on OB conditioned responses provides predictable structure which a puppy will embrace. Several different leads and collars have been imprinted. "This is what I do....because it is all I know how to do."

Gigi is very close to the ideal - leaving a crate/room/house/van on a collar/lead placed there during a relaxed sit (no more squirmy puppy “stuff”)…..”repetition is cool”.

An interesting plus to note about establishing predictable structure (with a smart pup) is it teaches them to "talk"....if you listen. She is very good about letting me know when "I need to go out!"...."I need some water!" and "Isn't it feeding time?"

note: Gigi will be four months old in four more days.

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