Feb 12 With both dogs gone for two months, the routine has drastically changed. Today was spent "going back" and looking at old journal entries, editing the KwickLabsii website for errors and creating a few new pages.                                          and 
Feb 17 weather in Arkansas has been wet and colder than normal....both dogs seemed to have adjusted to truck life and regular training. Pounce had a brief issue with a probable spider bite which was effectively treated including a quick trip to the vet.

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"Pounce" and "Gigi"

Their pre-trip preparation began January 27th at Corey Zandonai's "Wobbly Retriever's Kennel".

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Feb 1 Saturday - Gigi and Pounce were "on the road" at dawn for the twelve hour trip to Clinton, Arkansas. The forecast for tomorrow is sunny with a high of 70°F.
Feb 2,3 The last five days have been productive. With no dogs to train and realizing that the challenge of getting Pounce's AKC Master title and having success with Gigi in AKC derbies will require serious modifications in my training and thinking skills. It was a challenge to come up with an inspirational plan "out of the blue". However, there is a way. Years ago, I was fortunate to have had some input from a talented trainer. I had forgotten about her insight. After an intensive search on the WayBack Machine, the information was "retrieved". I have two months to develop a plan.
        note: The original plan for sending Gigi south with Pounce was having surgery on my right

                  shoulder. The doctors finally concluded it would not be necessary. With both dogs
                  gone for two months, physical therapy has been a huge focus. It involves rest and 
                  regular exercise in our heated swimming pool. Progress has been encouraging.
Feb 4 The weather is much better in Arkansas (no snow, warmer). The first step for both was adjusting to "truck life". The second was learning that "commands are not optional".
         note: The next several weeks will be spent planning on how to deal with "command" issues
                   (revolving around "responsiveness, focus and control").  
         note: Pounce and Gigi will know what that looks like after two months with Corey. They will
                   need to see that from me when they return in April.        
Feb 5-6 some snow, rain and mud....not normal - warmer than usual   
Feb 9-10 4+ inches of snow - hibernating & doing therapy for shoulder note: Website issues were eventually solved by moving to Chrome as the browser. Viewing and especially editing "fell apart"

on the "other" Browsers. This WEB is being archived (stored forever) on the "WayBack Machine".