Pounce's Flu/Cough Timeline

Jan 26 snow on the ground, no energy (me) cloudy, in low 30's with 14 mph winds WNW
                   note: Pounce is shedding & began hacking as if hair was caught in her throat,
                             verify at vet in the morning when Daisy goes to have stitches removed
                   note: some of the "expelled fluids" did have hair in them
                   note: pounce is "up to date" on her kennel cough vaccine - Bordetella
Jan 27 Went early to the vet's. Daisy's stitches were removed from her eyelid tumor surgery and needed a diagnosis of Pounce's continuous coughing/hacking spells (lasted all last night). She has a slightly elevated temperature and X-rays clearly  revealed an upper respiratory congestion (some type of a canine flu ). She will be out of action for at least 10-15 days. Thinking this may be the result of attending the AKC OB class in a building where dogs from "all over" attend. (pure conjecture.......but?) 
                    note: taking doxycycline and the cough suppressant of Acetaminop-codeine
                              has greatly reduced her persistent bouts of coughing (in one day)
Jan 28 Pounce will be on "recovery time" (unplanned break in the action - about two
            weeks) based loosely on the following "flu" info/analysis

"A flu incubation period is the time from infection by a pathogen to onset of clinical disease. The incubation period for CIV is 2 to 4 days. Peak viral shedding from the upper respiratory tract starts during the incubation period; therefore, dogs are most contagious prior to showing obvious clinical signs. Dogs with sub-clinical infection also shed virus and are contagious.

Virus shedding decreases substantially after the incubation period, but continues for 7 to 10 days. Once virus shedding ceases, the dog is no longer contagious. Therefore, it is unlikely that dogs pose a significant infectious risk 10 days after onset of clinical signs."

From another source:

"Kennel cough is an upper respiratory illness caused primarily by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica. However, kennel cough can also be caused by viruses, such as canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine parainfluenza virus, or canine respiratory coronavirus. Kennel cough is marked by a severe chronic cough, usually dry and hacking, sometimes with nasal discharge. Sometimes there’s a fever associated with the cough.

It’s highly contagious and is spread through the air by dogs coughing or sneezing near other dogs, such as in a kennel, pet store, shelter, grooming facility or doggy daycare. It can be treated with antibiotics and cough suppressants. Vaccination can prevent some strains of it.

"The Timeline"
Jan 16 walked around Lowe’s doing OB and people exposure  (no dogs, no issues)
Jan 17 trained at Roscoe Retention Pond (land area, no issues)
Jan 18 2nd OB class(no issues)
Jan 19 trained in Wisconsin Y-Property (no dogs, no issues)
Jan 20 trained indoors (no issues)
Jan 21 trained with pro (not long – ran triple and two blinds then left) super session
Jan 22-24 did not train (mostly because of weather) (still no issues)
Jan 25 3rd OB classin the morning (one dog missing ?)
            note: needed to take her outside for an "airing" grassy area behind training facility.
                      In hindsight not a good idea, but only one day before coughing?
            note: early afternoon, high powered training session at Winn. Co DTA – strong,
                     energetic  (no issues)       
Jan 26 early evening - severe coughing/hacking/honking spells that would not let up
            note: Pounce is shedding & began hacking (most of the night) as if something was
                      caught in her throat (did cough up some hair), to vet in the morning when
                      Daisy goes in to have minor eyelid surgery stitches removed
Jan 27 Friday....moved Daisy’s late morning appointment up and went to Vet very early
            exam = low grade fever and x-Rays confirmed significant "flu like" congestion
Jan 28 coughing under control (better) with suppressant “syrup” (Acetaminop-codeine),  
            alert & "spunky" when airing, eating normally and sleeping mostly…...fights the
            syringe “squirt” of cough "med". She is taking Doxycycline (Doxycycline is an 
            antibiotic used in the treatment of a number of types of infections caused by
and protozoa.........(proactive treatment)
Jan 30 late afternoon - spoke with instructor about dropping OB class "because Pounce
            is sick" and was informed the training facility was just sprayed/sanitized because
            dogs.....are....getting..sick....now I know.  

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  • Dogster Info:

Dog flu, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, is caused by the same virus that causes equine influenza. Greyhounds at a track in Florida were the first to be diagnosed in 2004, and cases have been turning up in other states since then, including Illinois this summer. It’s spread the same way as kennel cough.

Symptoms of mild dog flu are the same as kennel cough, such as either a dry, hacking cough or a moist cough, which last 10 to 30 days, according to the AVMA.

But, severe dog flu, according to the association, can lead to death. Symptoms of severe dog flu include a high fever, trouble breathing and pneumonia. Pneumonia may also be caused by a secondary bacterial infection, according to the AVMA.

All dogs exposed to it will become infected, according to the AVMA, with 80 percent developing clinical signs. However, according to the association, the other 20 percent, although not showing signs, can still spread it.

Feb 4 update: Pounce has three more days of taking "Doxy", stopped coughing and is doing well. However, Daisy is now "working her way" through the same "issue" and the initial coughing was much worse for her (due to probably being 12 years old). Today revealed the worst is over and it will be good getting back to normal......minus about $400. 
               note: search Pounce's Feb '17 Training Journal (link) below for more info
Feb 8 resumed Pounce's training......Daisy continues to cough, slow recovery
Feb 9 Daisy is still coughing - 9th day (but it is not nearly as often)