April 4 Monday- high 75°F rain ending early afternoon...Called vet...Gigi's appointment was moved up to Thursday at 9 pm (belly hair loss worse). Today's training had Gigi doing a repeat of the whistle sit drill (very fast and crisp. tight sits). A short drive to the Riverside Park DTA had Pounce doing seven "stand alone/send back" singles. All told, this took about an hour (including drive time).   
April 5 Tuesday - high 79°F trained Gigi (early morning) - repeated the "whistle sit" drill
April 6 Wednesday - high 68°F, cloudy with a wonderful breeze...Gigi practiced the whistle sit drill and
then Pounce and Gigi did a very solid Split-Casting Drill. Pounce has done this before. However, it
was a big step up for Gigi (she had no problems lining and taking casts...quick study). The two piles were fairly wide apart (the distance was rather long for a first time run...126 yards and 129 yards). 
     note: remote winger platform was re-installed on the UTV (removed during fall hunting season)

April 3 Sunday - high 74°F - early afternoon....Gigi practiced the whistle sit drill at Kelley Myer field
DTA. Then Pounce and Gigi ran a three point, mini-lining/handling drill at the Riverside Park DTA.           

April 9 Saturday - rain most of the day....With the last two days of challenging sessions, the timing for a day off was ideal. The back of the van can be cleaned up some, wingers will be placed in their sleeves and the winger electronics charged. Gigi has been very easy to work with on dispensing the two "meds" twice a day and the once a day ear drops is proceeding better than expected. 
            note: With a small no rain window around 4 pm, the van was cleaned out. Remote wingers
                      were placed in the stacked sleeve system and ready for field training.  
April 10 Sunday - three winger singles plus three walk-ups with ducks - Thorson Pond land DTA
April 11 Monday - flip-flop yesterday's session and repeat 

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Riverside Park DTA

April 8 Friday - trained in the afternoon...in the upper 50's with a good southwest breeze, cloudy all of which made today's two sessions easier...both dogs covered a lot of ground. Both ran the whistle sit drill are Kelly Meyer Field DTA......fast and physically demanding. A short drive to the
Roscoe Riverside Park DTA gave both a breather before running the same "split casting drill" we
did on April 6th. The two wide piles from that 1st session were brought closer together making the angles tighter. Practice is easier when it is exciting. Dokkens are more exciting than bumpers.
           note: My UTV is back in the trailer, full of gas and running smoothly. Without it setups like

                     the following would not be possible (at my age).

April 1 Thursday - high of 37°F wind chill 28°F...train outdoors? no way...in two days it will be 60/70's
Pounce and Gigi did some on leash OB work in the heated pool room. 
April 2
Friday...warmer & windy...Gigi - "lining drill" at Kelly Meyer Field DTA....Pounce and Gigi did  marking session at the Rockton Road DTA with mallard......eight "stand alone/send back" singles      
April 3 Saturday - high 68°F UTV out of trailer...install the remote winger platform, Pounce & Gigi trained at the Kelly Meyer Field DTA....not a lot of time available....Pounce ran the old 195 yard point blind for exercise....decided to focus more on Gigi's loopy sit in a manner which would produce a conditioned response without any pressure. This drill will be repeated every day for at least a week. While we were running the drill and towards the end, she picked up what appeared to be a pine cone
and before I could stop her she wolfed it down. Called vet and am following their directions. As far as the drill went she had no (that is zero) loopy sits on the whistle. Running to the back pile and taking over casts on the whistle sit alternating each several times was very effective. Two weeks of daily practice is on the agenda.....followed by maintenance.

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April 7 Thursday - Gigi 9 am visited with Vet to find out about her hair loss issue.....ear and skin

infections - treat Gigi with Chalexin twice a day for three weeks, ear drops once daily and Prednesilone for 10+ days....While waiting for the Vet appointment (we arrived early), there is 
a huge grassy area adjacent to the parking lot. Gigi ran a "send back/stand alone" single to the far side taking a straight line "back" of 309 yards. Then Pounce ran a set of three, short singles. 

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