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"I'm beginning to learn that 95% OB  
  is not enough...and  85% is much   
  worse.....but 75% is pretty good."    
           KwickLabs  Sept., 2006

June 7 Wednesday...high of 77° off
June 8 Thursday...high of 75°F...trained at the Kelly Meyer Field "DTA"...The setup was working a pile near the chain-link fence. With a line close to the fence, a retriever cannot do a loopy pivot on a whistle sit. In addition, this provided several "reps" of Gigi's right side delivery skill set. Pounce and Gigi each retrieved ten bumpers very quickly. The steady breeze and overcast sky was perfect. 

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June 26...Monday...high 75°F with a chance of rain....trained in the and dry with a nice breeze. Pounce and Gigi ran five "stand alone/send back singles". Gigi's were longer with an "across the road" concept. Both did well and made it look easy. Taking a break between each dog's session seems to keep my tendency to become overheated in check. 

June 9 Friday...high of 81° off...not dealing well with even mild heat and knees are getting worse
June 10 Saturday...high of 83°'s appointment this morning (minor issue) off from training
At 2 pm this afternoon, Pounce and Gigi are sound asleep in their "dens". Spent some time in the indoor
pool using the Jacuzzi jet for knee and shoulder massages. A pool temperature of 84°F is wonderful and I need to do this more regularly. It was easy.

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note: The running line is in the shade.

June 11 Sunday...high of 60°F with a rainy off...watched Cubs get beat (again)
June 12 Monday...high of 71° & overcast with nice breeze..Pounce & Gigi ran a set of six singles

in the Kelly-Myer DTA (comfortable for me & good exercise for them).....van had an oil change around 4PM. Gigi continues to work/practice on her right side heeling and deliveries (responsiveness).

June 4 Sunday...pleasant day...high of 86° training...lazy day
June 5 Monday...high of 83°F (decent through Friday)...could not train/exercise this morning 

June 6 Tuesday...high 68°F, good breeze and cloud cover..trained at Riverside Park DTA doing a simple two-pile lining drill (worked on focus and responsiveness). Gigi continues to work only on her right side heeling skills. She is improving every day (less manic...more relaxed). 

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June 22...Thursday....high of 87°F...Pounce and Gigi will have their regular training/exercise day off
                     note: tooth sliced finger is much better today...soreness is swimming
                     note: had a CoVid booster shot today
June 23...Friday...high of 89°F...Gigi and Pounce will not train...sore arm from CoVid shot responded
well to the swimming pool Jacuzzi jet and it has become obvious that the "jet" helps my leg circulation issues. The heat without rain has the residential lawns' browning up rather suddenly.
June 24...Saturday..high of 91°F...doing nothing outside seems logical...two Cubs' games this weekend
June 25...Sunday...upper 60's in the afternoon (scattered showers missed us), cloudy with a good breeze

made it a wonderful time to train/exercise...Pounce and Gigi ran six "stand alone/send back" singles and I had no heat issues.

June 13 Tuesday...high 66°F with off
June 14 Wednesday...high of 79° off from training...mowed lawn
June 15 Thursday...73°F, "hazy" cloud cover with a nice breeze...setup three blinds.....Daisy was very fast, took good lines and required very few handles. Gigi was fast and very "loopy". Having no witnesses of her effort was a good thing. There was some extra time available and both dogs got two short retrieves from the Rock River. Focus for the summer is not clear and being being unable to run hunt tests is something I need to deal with. Training will be important for providing walking activity.  I have a pacemaker clinic appointment in a few days. That may prove interesting (or not).

June 18...Sunday high 80° off from training...The following is a list of skills "Gigi" is practicing when doing this drill...1. lining up, 2. "back" toward place board, 3. "whistle, pivot sit' on place board, 4) take cast and ) 5} retrieves to the line working on her two side deliveries. Consistent reps produce the  proper responses. The key concept is that a "place board" eliminates the "loopy" conditioned response.
                                                note: platter of shrimp for "Father's Day"
Today was the first time of using the indoor swimming pool for medical therapy on both legs and arms.
June 19...Monday high of 84°F with 16 mph wind time in the morning & too off. However, day two of pool therapy suggests it is going to make a difference on my leg circulation issues.

June 20...Tuesday high of 86° training today. A visit to Medtronics specialists provided updates
on my pacemaker progress. The battery test measured a 9
1/2years lifetime.  Pool physical therapy is planned for this afternoon (day three of a regular practice).
June 21
...Wednesday....high of 86°F...Gigi and Pounce trained very early in the morning (casting drill).
Riverside Park DTA opens at 6:30 am and we were running soon after. Picking area to run in the shade was easy.  On the last bumper delivered by Gigi, she shook her head a bit. The next thing I noticed was blood running out of my right index finger. The first aid kit was right where it was supposed to be and it did not take long to stem the flow. There was no pool therapy today and my finger was sore. 

June 16 Friday...high of 78° training....The following is a new drill for Gigi. We will be practicing this "until the cows come home".

Today is my 61st wedding anniversary.

June 2 Friday...high of 90° off...finished mowing yard...done quickly no over- heating issues
June 3 Saturday...another high of 90°F...trained early at Riverside Park DTA... home by 8:30...stlll in the low 70's. Heat is my nemesis (arch enemy).        Pounce & Gig ran a three point lining and handling drill. Gigi continues to practice on her right side lining and delivery. Each day she is improving. 

note: simplified two pile drill

June 1...Thursday...high of 88°F (in the 70's at 9 am)...Pounce & Gigi trained at the Riverside Park DTA and ran a set of six "stand alone/send back singles" (finished at 10 am). Today was the first day Gigi did a decent set of retrieves on the right side (relaxed). Both dogs' van crates are cooled by using individual Endless Breeze Fans. It was 78°F outside when we got back into the cool, air conditioned house. In the afternoon, I mowed the back yard and the dogs' airing 

June 30....Friday....near 90°F...too hot and a day off for everyone...July and August will be challenging
                     note: worked on photo of various shells used during training sessions

note: white lines will eventually be goose decoys (distractions)

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June 17...Saturday...77°F ...trained introducing the basic "Kwick Pivot Drill" (see above link} with "Gigi". Pounce did four "stand alone/ send backs" for the exercise.

June 27, 28...Tuesday/Wednesday...two days off from need to do "stuff" everyday
June 29...Thursday...into the eighties by noon...decided late in the morning to do some exercising.
Around noon Gigi and Pounce did several retrieves from the Rock River. Swimming made it easy for
them to not become over-heated. 

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