Mar 1st...Friday....through Wednesday...Mar 11th...time off to recover from difficult winter health issues
Mar 12th... Tuesday...a new roof was installed on our house. "The construction crew" did the entire tear off and replaced the new one day. It was an amazingly quick job and dark when the roofers left. There were many errors "discovered" in the previous roof replacement (several years ago). 
Mar 13th...Wednesday...getting up to speed has not been easy as my chronic fatigue syndrome continues to "work on me". Being 83 years old is a handicap. Warmer weather may make a difference.  Recently we have been financially swamped with several expensive "replacements"....a new hot water heater, new furnace, the complete overhaul of our clothes washer & dryer, a new refrigerator, a new electric stove and a complete roof replacement on our house....the debts piling up routine has "not" been fun. The expression "Cheer up things could be worse!" has been accurate. We have "cheered up" several times and sure enough (after each one) things got worse...often.
Mar 14-24th (Thursday - Sunday)...warmer than usual with intervals of cold and snow...Very hardy daffodils have come up in several patches of the flower garden along with a single, small group of delicate crocus. Retriever training continues at a stand-still. Basic OB will be maintained. Pounce and Gigi have adjusted to being well trained house companions.
Mar 25th-30th...Monday-Saturday...cutting way back on Internet viewing. For some reason I lost access to the Refuge Forum for awhile. Password and e-mail conflicts were finally solved. I missed not reading and entering for not so much. April will be entered...soon.

Thorson Pond - northern Illinois (band from Ontario)