​​​​​​​         April Training Focus – Pounce & Gigi 

​Based on the March 9th Training Report from Arkansas,

the following plan will probably be altered a bit.  

   train twice a day/short drives - early morning & afternoon
   Gigi - precise duck fetch/hold sessions every day close in
           skills sets - morning & field setups - afternoon 
           max OB distractions (both dogs)

           tie out honor – watch taking turns
           specific skill sets - intro/teach & practice
   Gigi - review 3HC, pile work, wagon wheel & single T
   Gigi last week Hillmann 3-5 point Star Drill (lining/handling)
   Pounce - focus on the line, single shot, shot gun primers
           (practice often).....generate excitement
   Marking Sessions – Thorson Grassy Area & RockCut
            SHORT remote winger singles for Gigi – steady focus
MORE distance with Pounce (different areas)
            two holding blinds
            continue tie out honors – watch taking turns
            solidify hold coming out of water
   Balance will be maintained by working within five factors 
control, "birdiness", retrieving & responsiveness).   

                      May Training Focus
   Gigi begin land blinds - Farmer approach & Hillmann point blinds
             toward end of the month - begin swim-by with Gigi
             begin multiples - easy Gigi & challenge Pounce
   Pounce – full master setups & long, concept point blinds

                     June Training Focus
       finish swim-by and continue point blinds with Gigi
       Senior easy setups for Gigi (marking/blinds)
       Master setups for testing Pounce (marking/blinds)
       begin group training sessions (once/twice a week) 

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                                               Training Areas 

   1) Thorson Pond - two small "grassy" areas & 90yd X 25yd pond
   ​2) Rockton Road DTA (large, tall grass)

   3) Kelly Meyer DTA - short grass

   4) Roscoe Riverside Park DTA (large, mowed land & river)

   5) Roscoe Retention Pond (land, mowed infrequently & water)

   6) RockCut State Park DTA (land - mowed occasionally)
   7) Harrison Road DTA (large land & excellent terrain - mowed))

   8) Winnebago County DTA (land - mowed & small technical pond)
   9) Bong Recreational Area (Wisconsin) 
 10) Madison Retriever Club (properties)