warm up first…..exit travel crate or kennel and do controlled "yard" exercise

Skills (practice regularly)
1a...OB...use of holding blind(s)
1b...exit kennel/truck (under controlled OB routine)....warm up
2) force fetch
3)...mat at line (usually one sided)

Drills (focus on delivery and release)

4) Scattered pile drill (specific focus)

5) seven bumper lining drill (intro process)
5) wagon wheel (eight large bumpers  - white & orange) short grass  
6) double wagon wheel
7) intro single T
8) swim-by (water T)
9) walking singles

Fact - "Throwing marks before skills are in place will not work well.  
            A dog needs to know ”things".

10)  gradual presentations/learn skills

11) solid OB before ducks!!!
12) fresh ducks in yard first…then in water...finally soggy sinkers
13) live flyers
14) develop training alone skills

note: This DVD is very useful