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Nov. 10 "The Winter Process" began with a five hour goose hunt. The morning was cool and geese were simply not moving. However, Pounce was high with anticipation. Doing very little for five hours was a good thing and she did it well.
Nov 11-25 All movement in the house and out in during airing yard times is structured. There is free time in the living room. Pounce did one day of upland skills review with chukars. A few days there was some fun yard work. "On and Off" times are clearly distinguishable. Pounce had several days off just unwinding from the steady training months behind us. On Nov 24th, another several hours in the blind from which no geese were seen....provided more"work on the "off switch" (no action).  Being quiet, relaxed and simply hanging out is a conditioned response.

"Capping Energy"