The following photos are from the morning when the hunting blind was moved to
   the pond. The front is mounted on two wooden stakes driven into the ground.

Thorson Pond Goose Blind
              (on the "X")

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right click on icons for larger photos

The permission to use Thorson Pond was initially intended for training my young retrievers. A few years later, a trip to North Dakota resulted in "goose fever". The pond would always have a few around and a request to hunt was granted. I had spent quite bit of time keeping the shoreline cut and that seemed to help. Most of  the hunting was done just sitting behind the pine trees on a bucket. When it got cold
that was tolerable. Now that I am 77 years old,  a warmer, more comfortable blind with a wind brake and shelter from rain was necessary. I had recently begun a larger "dugout" style blind for my duck boat and a miniature version evolved for the pond. 

Using 3/4" EMT and regular "canopy corners" from "Ebay", the build was simple.  There was extra Cordura fabric (wind brake) from the boat  blind build. The goose blind design had to be 1) portable (for an old man) and 2) fit in my old van.  I had two gunnel clamps left over from the boat blind build and these made the "shooting  window" easy to design. In addition, last fall Farm & Fleet had a big sale on leftover "Quack Grass" panels (at a huge discount). The following photos represent the initial design. I had to cut the width down (slightly) to fit in the van.  At that time, I was "shopping" for a newer van. The new one is bigger.    

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The following photo is a "dug out" style boat blind design (with a fold out shooting window).