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"many hunts & several years later"

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June 5th, 2009 - day off....worked on finishing the sign for a training pond and hunting area...Years ago, the Thorson's allowed me to train and hunt on their property which is about five minutes from my house. We are on the X....often. Mr. Thorson died a few years ago and haven't spoke to his wife much lately. However, I've continued to trim and whack weeds around the pond and pick up wind damaged limbs from the pines. The wood duck house was a winter project. One year the dam sprung a leak and spreading powdered Bentonite along the levee/dam that stopped the leak. There just doesn't seem that I will ever be able to do enough to say "Thanks!" for allowing me to continue to use the pond. At my age having a place to train and hunt close by is a true blessing.  

This spring, I decided to make a sign to place by the pond. Yesterday, I put the 4" X 6"
timbers in the ground and got the sign in. Today, the landscaping was finished off.
Although the predators must have been busy.....there are two goslings and two wood duck ducklings that look like they will make it this spring.