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Kawasaki UTV Winger Transport Photos

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June 23, 2020 - Tuesday - day off from training (edited). Today was for winger transport construction. The size and shape of the cargo box on a KAWASAKI MULE PRO-MX EPS FI is perfect. The first phase of the project was to construct a rigid base. Two pieces of foam pipe insulation were covered with black Gorilla Tape. This produced a more rugged, yet flexible level surface and both were split lengthwise on one side before being zip-tied over the square metal tubes on each side of the cargo box. Next were two 1"X6" boards multi-zipped tied (drilled holes) to the left and right sides of the cargo box on top of the tube covered rails. The final step was to use individual winger, carpet runner sleeves (flat). The first is permanently zip-tied down. The rest are rolled up after each winger moving session and "stuffed" under the platform (into the box). Each winger is stacked/sandwiched in its own carpet layer. Once all three wingers are placed on the platform, two rubber tie downs clamp them in placed on the two carpet covered, rigid boards. At first, the Son-of-Gun wingers were not kept on the UTV. The trailer was too narrow for me to drive safely up and down the ramp because of the (ramp) lift wires. After training a few times with three wingers (to observe how this design was working), two more layers with the taller Original GU were added. The three, shorter wingers remained on the UTV. The two taller GU wingers extend further outside of the box (on both sides). They are moved in and out of the van (each time) and provide productive exercise for an 81 year old man.

The winger setup for training is easy to remove. That way the UTV becomes useful for hunting.