locate your edited video icons (file)...............above is an example of KwickLabs video icons

click on "make video"

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Step #1 Set up  Google account.
Step #2 Transfer the video from the camera to a computer file. This varies with the brand and having the right cable. I have an old Sony HDR HDXR which plugs right into my computer. Once it is downloaded, checkout "Play Memories On Line" for further editing (trimming/splicing/ formatting). It is free, but very slow at converting to a format that is compatible with the Google transfer requirements. The newer formats are faster. Once your video is edited it may be stored in a file and labeled with an icon which you can now drag (using the cursor) and drop it into the Google "video maker". While it is being transferred, complete the form providing an explanation of the video. If you want to keep it private that choice is available.  note: The following photos represent each step in the process.

  place video icons page and the YouTube download prompt in the same window and

    drag the selected video icon to YouTube as directed (follow prompts thereafter)
                                      note: practice and patience are necessary

sign in to your Tube Account via Google

example: KwickLabs YouTube Page

select the initial video prompt