March 2016 Training                                    (notice: best viewed in Mozilla Foxfire)

6/10/15Jand "the new" began 6/11/15.  Over the last few years Taffey, Gunny and Kooly have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Daisy is now "older" than KwickLabs (in dog years) and will require easy hunts from now on. Meanwhile a new KwickLab has "taken over". Pounce was two years old June 4, 2016 and her progress is regularly recorded in a daily journal.  KwickLabs Fountain of Youth ran a few AKC Senior Hunt Tests this summer (with three passes toward an SH title). In addition, her fall "into" to goose hunting was excellent. However, the 2016/17, northern Illinois, winter training sessions have been a challenge.     

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