The Kwick Recall

       Training plan (rest/weather days included)......very, very warm for February!!!!
                            March and April (several outstanding weather days)

         focus: be consistent and precise, enhance responsiveness, practice and  
            challenge while incrementally presenting a "theme" of concept marks
            plus continue to do daily "yard work" sessions AND eliminate animation 
            at the line

Feb 8 resumed training after flu...warm-up walk/run and easy wagon wheel (exercise)
Feb 9 cold....ran two short Y-drills and a blind (more exercise)
Feb 10 warmer...ran short 85 yard three pile "split lining/casting" drill (more exercise)
Feb 11 two sets of "three peat" cold, concept blinds & the "Pin Point" marking drill
Feb 12 ran two Key Relationship Drills (KRD) = a single with "tight behind gunner",
             "under the arc", "wide behind gunner" and "wide of the fall" concept blinds
Feb 13 did two HRC sets of three singles plus a blind.......wingers with mallards  
         note: "HRC line setups" = holding blinds, bucket, primer shotgun (and stand),
                    duck or goose call, wingers, mallards, decoys and the "Gunz Up" CD
         note: April water (when, if and do not rush)
Feb 14 AKC line drill......four mallard singles (close) with a holding blind (line skills)
Feb 15 day off
Feb 16 AKC line drill - similar repeat of the 14th
Feb 17 did two.....two winger AKC "Walk-ups" (practice) and a set of four blinds
         note: start practicing three shots with the HRC pump (left shoulder issues)
Feb 18 did "Pin-Point" marking drill & "AKC" walk-up WATER double with a blind
Feb 19 two AKC setups (doubles with mallards and blinds, "Flip-Flop", land/water)
Feb 20 ran the Three Pile Modified Lining/Casting Drill & 9 cheating singles (water)
Feb 21 ran "schooled" water triple, three blinds and three land blinds (different DTA)
Feb 22 one more warm day - multiple "Walk-up Drill".....and water "channel" work 
            note: first, early indications of heat cycle
Feb 23-25 days "in the tank" & "time for a break"  
Feb 26 nine walking singles and a two tiered "Wagon Wheel" 
Feb 27 two remote winger "Walk-ups" with mallards & two HRC doubles (Flip-Flop)
Feb 28 Pounce worked three sets of three marks in an "At The Line Drill".

Mar 1 three sets of "Line Drill" with one triple and blinds (last - "poison")
√Mar 2 day off - snow & cold
Mar 3 two sets of ABC singles with mallards..."Flip & Flop" and three bliinds
Mar 4 two sets of three marks (singles first, then a triple) mallards for marks
            and "camo" bumpers for the blinds.....moved the line
Mar 5 two KRD's with four concept blinds in each
Mar 6 did three "engaging" sets of the "Line Drill" with short, concept blinds and 
             then a set of three long, cold, mallard blinds
Mar 7 repeated Mar 6th's three blinds & setup of four singles with three blinds
Mar 8 day off.....high wind advisory (good timing)
                     note: first hunt test two months away (AKC Senior)
Mar 9 two sets of the "Line Drill" (physically easy sessions, mentally challenging)
Mar 10 two "check down" Doubles with blinds & "Pin-Point" Marking drill
Mar 11 three sets of the "Line Drill" with mallards plus blinds
Mar 12 two AKC Senior land setups with mallards
√Mar 13 day off (snow) did a few indoor "reps" on the HRC "bucket"

Mar 14 Pounce did a lot of indoor "reps" on the HRC "bucket" plus a YouTube
Mar 15 Modified Come-In Drill....then shared some alternating singles with Daisy
Mar 16 two AKC doubles with 3 blinds after the 1st and 1 after the 2nd (repeats)
Mar 17 HRC "Line Drills" (four wingers) and a set of four blinds
                      note: no rain for the next several days (day off ?)
Mar18 two AKC triples with two concept blinds in each
Mar 19 three HRC "Line Drills" (four remote launchers) with "camo" bumpers
Mar 20 one set of four singles (AKC) with two concept blinds
√Mar 21-2 two days off
Mar 23 two HRC "Line Drills" and a set of "Walking Singles"
Mar 24 three AKC singles & a set of four "repeat" blinds
Mar 25 run two KRD each with four concept blinds
Mar 26 two "In Line" doubles (AKC line) and run a casting/lining drill
Mar 27 three HRC "Line Drills" and a set of "Walking Singles" (different area)
Mar 28 setup an HRC Finished land session (including decoys)
√Mar 29, 30 two days off.....van repair and then rain
Mar 31"Walking Singles" and an inline/check down double
April 1 two "In Line" doubles with a blind using remote wingers..."Flip-Flop" mode
April 2 ran four 120° "gun swing" HRC "Line Drill" triples
√April 3 rain - day off (Monday)
April 4 "Flip-Flop" set of ABC singles with mallards at the Y-Property
√April 5 another rain day off
April 6 set of nine walking singles, the "Markless HRC Line Drill"
                       and a "hill terrain" lining drill (two different DTA's)
April 7 set of walking singles and the "Markless HRC Line Drill"
                       in different areas
April 8 ran HRC Seasoned Land & Water test simulations

April 9 two KRDs with four concept blinds & a water lining drill
April 10 Monday - HRC "Markless Line Drill" with mallards, a water
                       casting drill reviewing "swim-by" expectations & exposure
                       to "very much less than ideal" soggy, sinking mallards
                           note: plus 1st spring, late afternoon training group
√April 11, 12 two days off
April 13 ran "HRC Markless Line Drill" and a KRD......evening Group Training
√April 14, 15, 16 three days off - Pounce in heat, trainer "under the weather"
April 17 ran four walkups and a set of four HRC singles + diversion
                       did not attend Monday training group
April 18 ran the "Four-Peat" blinds and the Five Bumper Water
                     Lining Drill (first time)
 √April 19 rain was "later", ran the "HRC Line Drill" twice and did
                       nine walking singles (with two "themes")        
 April 20 ran the "HRC Line Drill" with complications (challenged)
                     Did not attend Thursday, late afternoon training group.
                     Lyah's first grade class had a musical program.
 April 21 ran "longish" KRD, walking singles & water lining drill 
 April 22 ran the "HRC Line Drill" - 3 walk-ups & singles, triple and
                     diversion......went to water and did seven walking singles
  April 23 Did a set of several walk around, send over, down the
                     shore mallard singles....sunny, 70°F 
                     This is the "S mallard drill". (drill means not just done once)
  April 24 morning....ran "HRC Line Drill" (singles then triple) plus
                     water blind Monday - late afternoon training group (double + blind)
  April 25 "AKC line drill" - close, mallard multiples - "reps" + blind
  √April 26 day off...rain, picked up two flyer mallards then drove to
                    Janesville, Wi and bought season window sticker for parks (DNR)
                    required to train (permit required) and test at Bong Rec. Area
  April 27 Y-Property - shot two mallard "flyers" and ran three blinds
  April 28 Y-Property - ran four doubles using the "Flip-Flop" & two long blinds
  April 29 AKC line drill with two triples each with a "walk-up"
  April 30 two hour break in the rain - Pounce did eight walking singles
                  alternating with eight was time to exercise Daisy. 
                    for the month - 22 days training and 8 days off (still in heat)
   May 1 AKC triple plus blind - precise "reps" at the line (practice) 
   √May 2,3,4 days off....heat cycle peaking = very "ditzy"
             note: scratched from  6/7 Wilmington AKC Senior test
   May 5 lining casting drill & easy review of water no cheating next seven days
             in the low 60's with rain Tues
   May 6 two "walk-up" doubles with blinds plus six walking singles around a
             small technical pond
   May 7 "Flip Flop" 2 sets of 2 walk-up doubles  (land & water)
   May 8 mid-day set of land walking singles & four cold blinds, no afternoon
             training group, ran two blinds & Y-Drills
   May 9 scouting & five water singles at the Sand Ponds DTA
   May 10 two Senior setups with mallards (land & water)
   May 11 "AKC Line Drill" (mallards) plus water setup(s), then training group
   May 12 repeated long blind from last night, did "AKC Line Drill" three walk-ups,
            then triple (mallards)...finished with a 4 bumper, "cheaty" water lining drill
   May 13 Fox Valley AKC Senior test at Bong (Wis)
   √May 14 day off
   May 15 lunging water "answers" at the Retention Pond DTA
   May 16 morning, six lunging water singles & afternoon training group - water
               double with a blind and honor
   May 17 easy, upbeat yard work session
   May 18 yard-work line time session - "Iverson Drill" (1st time), then a water
               handling drill and the late Thursday afternoon training group session
               (double and two blinds)
   May 19 rain most of the day, did squeeze in "Iverson Drill" late
   May 20 rain until about 4 pm, did two Flip-Flop doubles + blinds
   May 21 Valders AKC Senior test (Wis) = pass #4
   √May 22, 23 two days off
   May 24 did enhanced version of the "Iverson Drill" (practice)
   May 25 repeated "drill" (more of the same) & four water singles
   May 26 three-peat "drill" (some changes) & water handling drill
   May 27 to the line "Practice" and a continuation of water "work"
   √May 28 Sunday -  day off
   May 29 "tune-up" drill, three "down-the-shore" singles & blind 
   May 30 "Iverson" yard drill & training group double with blinds
   May 31 five blinds and four "walking/send back" singles - water
   √June 1 day off other things to attend to
   June 2 "Pin Point" marking drill, "schooled" triple & blind
    June 3 early Sunday "Iverson Drill", four water blinds afternoon
    June 4 reversed yesterday's blinds, "water barrage" Four Lakes
    June 5 "schooled" triple + blind,  six "send/back" water singles
    June 6 afternoon training group - double (mallards), two blinds and an honor
    June 7 morning yard-work = "The Dozen Drill" 
    June 8 van to mechanic's, did extended "yard-work" (warm day) and did a set
               of "solo" water singles (no group session)
    June 9 two sets of four inline singles
    √June 10 day off....very HOT this week !!!
    June 11 early yard-work "Line Drill"
    June 12 "All-in-One" Triple + blind and 3 down the shore blinds
    June 13 two water doubles with blinds.....early
    √June 14, 15 two days off - hot and no air-conditioning
    June 16 two longer doubles with blinds and two water singles
    June 17 in the morning...."The Yard Drill" 
    June 18 long land blind - 375 yards, water blind double entry/exit and four
                "down-the-shore" singles ("stand alone/send back")
    June 19 three prong "flip/flop" sets of ABCD singles (two land & one water)
    June 20 reviewed "cheaty" standards morning, group training afternoon - poison
                  single plus short double with blind
    √June 21 day off
    June 22 "hidden" winger "walk-ups" with "poison" blinds
    June 23 two long doubles (one with blind), long water single and a new set of long
                 "three peat" blinds
    √June 24 repeated yesterday's (the three blinds) in combination with
                 singles in a small "group effort" (very "neat" session)
   √June 25 day off
   June 26 focused on in-lines & did two sets plus a water double
   June 27 "in-lines" set of three after an "under", a channel blind
                 revisit and a set of four, "initial line" water blinds
   √June 28 day off rain
   June 29 two sets of 4 & 3 mallard in-lines plus one blind with water
   √June 30 day off
   July 1 simulated hunt test/training day - Madison
               Retriever Club  - pro trainer Core Zandonai
   July 2 ten "reps" Line Drill - Thorson Pond/Land DTA
   July 3 ten "reps" Line Drill - Harrison DTA
   July 4 set up "single point blind", did another ten "reps" Line Drill
              and one long water blind (at Gallagher)
    √July 5 day off - "weed whack" section of shoreline at Thorson Pond
July 6 set of five land singles (ABCDE in-lines) + water double with a

              a blind

    July 7 yard-work "reps" on the "step back" expectation  
    July 8 push/pull yard-work, three repeats of a four 
                launcher "Line-Drill"....water
     July 9 five "down the shore" blinds
     July 10 Iverson Drill (more complex) 
     July 11 double + blind (land), 2 singles + blind (water)
     √July 12 day off
     July 13 two mallard doubles with blinds, new  "point blind" plus a
                 group training session
     July 14 easy, fun water barrage (exercise)
     July 15 group training session
     July 16 worked on "poison bird" expectations (water)
     July 17 ran expanded point blinds, did two flyer doubles
     July 16 two blinds at Thorson Pond DTA, ran the point blinds Harrison
                 DTA, later group double + two blinds
     July 17 ran Gallagher point blind plus 4 more lines, two doubles with
                 mallard flyers and blinds
     July 18 two blinds at Thorson DTA, point blinds at Harrison DTA, group
                  training double with blind
    July 19 Harrison DTA – Hillmann's "Pin-Point" marking drill (6 singles),
                  3 lines to a "point blind", two channel blinds at Four Rivers DTA
     July 20 “Flip-Flop" doubles (land & water) mallards plus water blind 
     √July 21 brief, fun and high energy yard drill
     √July 22AKC hunt test - 5th pass & Senior title
     √July 23 very special day for Pounce (both of us)
     √July 24 day off
     √July 25 did a Cap-E session plus a group training
     √July 26 day off
     July 27 Cap-E yard-work session
     √July 28 day off
     July 29 intro to "Hip Pocket" double
     √July 30 day off
     July 31 new "point blind" & hip pocket double lesson    

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Pounce's Flexible Training Plans - The Summary