"I'm beginning to learn that 95% OB 
   is not enough...and 85% is much 
  worse......but 75% is pretty good." 
          KwickLabs  Sept., 2006

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back yard from
living room

June 12 Wednesday...too hot...day off from training/exercise
June 13 Thursday 86°F...another day off for both dogs and I mowed the lawn...not fun.
June 14  Friday 91°F...Pounce had the day off and Gigi ran a shortened version of the seven bumper lining...A four bumper lining drill was run four times in the shady area of our front yard. Many skills were practiced and can be practiced in a brief time. We were soon back into the air-conditioned living room with a fan blowing cool air on Gigi.
June 15 Saturday 81°F...Gigi and Pounce will run a few "standalone send back" singles
           note: It has become obvious that I am not dealing well with the hot weather. Train 
                     early in the morning and/or use shady areas.

June 1, Saturday...high of 65°F....pondering future
June 2. Sunday...high of 68°F...day off from training and worked on the last part of "pages" because the three "entries" at the end had not been added regularly. Those were the "Website
Design", "Copyright....." and "Website Builder". 
June 3. Monday...high of 76°F...Gigi and Pounce will exercise in the yard and work on precise OB with two holding blinds, a "placeboard" and a running line mat. In addition, I need to seriously decide whether to work Gigi to run Senior tests and simply answer this question "Is this really necessary?" Doing or not doing will be a question of money and solving my chronic fatigue issues. If Gigi is to run any tests it will mean attending the Thursday weekly group training sessions in Rockford, Illinois. Short on energy makes it unlikely.
June 4,5...Tuesday/Wednesday...pleasant weather...an on going throat issue has not cleared up and testing is in the process for possible cancer. There is another appointment on Thursday, I am not thinking much about training. 
June 6-7...Thursday-Friday...more pleasant weather with some rain...decided to simply train in the yard...with two holding blinds, a placeboard, two "running lines " and two small sets of mallards and geese. Pounce will do some training with most of the training focused on Gigi. Two dogs will be in the mix (at the same time) and Pounce will be mostly a distraction for Gigi.
June 8 Saturday...high 0f 68°F...another day off...no rush 
June 9 Sunday...high of 74°F...Gigi did one session and is improving
June 10 Monday...66°F...Gigi repeated yesterday's skill set and spent more time at it
June 11 Tuesday...75°F...Gigi had a longer session than yesterday and was much more focused (not nearly as uptight)

Gigi (yard work)

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