Oct-26-7....Thursday-Friday...cooler...in the 50-6-'s....with light rain...I called ProPlan for some advice on modifying Gigi's diet and their suggestion was to begin using Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement and continue feeding the ProPlan EN food. 
Oct 28...Saturday...cool and cloudy...stayed indoors...The plan to remove a large, over-hanging oak limb very near (over) the house was cancelled.
Oct 29...Sunday...high in the middle 40's....no motivation to train or exercise
Oct 30...Monday...high of 39°F
Oct 31...Tuesday...high of 36°F

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Oct 13...Friday...cloudy, cold....steady, light rain...Gigi's digestive issues were much worse. The special Purina EN dog food is not working. Last evening and into the night was not a good time. The conditioned responses to not mess in her inside crate was impressive as she "held it" while we made rapid movement (pun not intended) to the back door and outside four different times before going to sleep. Just as I was writting this entry, my Vet called to set up a modified adjustment to Gigi's diet. The food will remain the same and an enzyme will be added/allowed to "percolate/digest" (my terms) the food before she eats. This approach has worked with other dogs demonstrating the same issues. At least, we are not "shooting in the dark". To complicate things (today), she has been mostly sleeping with no digestive issues through the entire day.
Oct 14...Saturday...high of 57°F....with light rain...no morning diarhea with Gigi??? Her erratic digestive issue is confusing.
Oct 15-17..high of 64°F with rain...last night was the beginning of a bout with gout...right foot is very bad
Oct 18...Wednesday...rain/high of 57°F...Gigi's enzyme powder will be picked up at the Vet's tommorow
Oct 19...Thursday...40% chance of rain...memory issues are becoming a problem. A little while after feeding both dogs (or before doing so) I can't remember whether I did or did not. Therefore, I began checking feedings off on a list. That has not worked. Short term memory loss continues to be a burden.  Spent most of the afternoon in Prompt Care (for me). The doctor checked for any broken foot bones via x-rays and the blood test for gout was positive. There were no bronen bones (which is good). I picked up Gigi's enzyme meds (not cheap) and soon picked up my gout presription at 5:30 pm. It was a long day.
Oct 20-23...cooler, some rain, gout treated with Prednisalone tablets,,.the ongoing issue of sore knees was improved by the gout medication. However, this drug is a short term benefit for my knees.
Oct 24-25...mild weather...The enzyme powder was not effective with Gigi. Yeserday, it was revealed that she had a senesitivity reaction. An explosive vomit right after feeding will meam no more attempts. I went back to just feeding the EN food. In the afternoon, Gigi and Pounce were exercised a bit at the Rockton Road DTA. A short blind was setup and she did OK. However, Gigi revealed that her excitement was too much....very little control. We will be doing a thorough review. It is goose season and we did a bit of scouting. There was no sign of any on Thorson Pond. A few miles west there was a huge flock covering  a very long sand bar in the Rock River alongside the Roscoe Riverside Park Area. That is more than I have seen there in 25 years. They know where it is safe.

Oct 1-5...took several days off from any training with Gigi and Pounce. Pounce is retired from testing and Gigi continues to demonstrate digestive issues. Before her health issues surfaced, I went back several months to review a set of five water blinds that Gigi ran in the W-Property. At that time, she was proving to be a quite promissing. Then the wheels fell off (health issues). I went back a few years to review a few
training sessions and remembered her running the following set of blinds. At that time, I was pleased.

   Oct 6-12..some rain...in the 50's for several days...not doing much of anything...outside. Depemding on 
   health issues and getting my hearing aids in working order, the long range plan is to try and run a few  
   AKC Senior tests in the spring with Gigi. For an aside., the following link is to the history of dogs.

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