Sept 21-26 Thursday-Tuesday - cool with some rain...Pounce and Gigi are on an extended rest period.
Several weeks ago, my Canon printer quit working. It is over fifteen years old, been used quit a bit and seemed resonable that junking or taking it to a repair shop for a costly fix were the alternatives. However, there was not much going on right now so tinkering and silent expletives seem to be the norm. Watching today's Bear's game was even worse. To make this brief, I stumbled on to an idea that maybe it had gone "off line" (somehow). About an hour after looking into that possibility, the printer is now up and running. Unfotunately, I do not think "da" Bear's are fixable....this year. After nearing the end of this month's journal, it should be noted that it will be the briefest.
Sept 27 the low 70's with occasional rain...Today is the first day of using a different worming "med" with Gigi (fenbendazole.../panacur)
Sept 28 Thursday...upper 60's and cloudy...perfect weather for me to begin regularly going for long walks. Pounce, Gigi and I had a good late afternoon session in the Riverside Park DTA. With no  "heat" issues. The moment went well for me and the dogs had fun. A few hours later, I was not tired and very encouraged. Maybe I am not totally "over the hill". 

After doing a journal entry search, Pounce and I passed her first HRCH Finished test August 21, 2021 at the Bong Recreational Area with the Badger State HRC Club. Her tests after that were well spaced with poor results. Subsequent journal entries describing how the handler (that being me) failed to deal with my heat exhaustion issues. There comes a time when a person "hits" their eighties that not dealing well with reality has consequences. In the recent short time that Pounce was trained by a younger person (with no health problems and better training skills.), she passed three out of four HRCH Finished tests in two "back to back" weekends with pro trainer Joe Scarpy. HRCH Pounce is now retired from doing any testing.
Sept 18,19 - Monday, with some rain...not doing anything well...Pounce is happy to be back sleeping beside Gigi in her "den" (crates in the living room). Pounce's long, sharp nails were "Dremeled".

Sept 1 - Friday...high of 80°F...The "Dog Days of Summer" are over...Pounce has two more HRC Finished tests this month. The issue in the last test was clearly identified and will probably be fixed in the next two weeks. Pro trainer, Joe Scarpy, clearly described the issue (conditioned response) that I created.  Fortunately, it is fairly easy to isolate. I had allowed self- casting to develop. She is a quick study and correcting this will not take a major over-hauling (hopefully). Back at home, Gigi's new diet of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN-Gastroenteric Dry Dog Food has corrected her digestive issues. This fall and through the winter, she will be gradually transitioned back into field training.
Sept 2,3 - Saturday & Sunday...highs around 80°F (pleasant)...doing not much is a good thing. Gigi's new diet continues to look promising. 
Sept 4 - Monday...high of 93°F...not doing much...the plan is to continue with Gigi's diet and maybe have her go for free walks and gradually do some very simple walking baseball.
Sept 5 - Tuesday...high of 91°...not doing much again
Sept 6 - Wednesday...high of 84° off
Sept 7-8 Thursday/Friday...Gigi did a leash "walk-about". two-sided heeling session and that went well. This included the exercise that I need, too. In about one more week, Pounce will be back home.
Sept 9 Saturday...high of 75°F...more walking for me and leash practice with Gigi. As Gigi's health issues gradually begin to improve, the amount of her exercise will increase.
Sept 10-13 beans, cucumbers and tomatoes were plentiful
Sept 14 - Thursday..7..high of 71°F...up early to get the backyard ready for the four year septic tank pumping. The system is going on fifty years old and we were wondering about the future. Everything looked normal  and the drainage field is working well. The cost to pump was $415 (good deal).
Sept 15,16,17 - Friday/Saturday/ with some sprinkles on Friday...Pounce is running HRC Finished tests Saturday & Sunday. On Saturday, Pounce ran late in the day and pro trainer Joe Scarpy said, "She did realy good!" Then on Sunday she passed one more HRC Finished for her HRCH title.

Sept 29 Friday...another day like yesterday...Pounce, Gigi and I repeated the walk at Riverside Park.
                                   note: They covered a lot more ground than I did.
Sept 30 Saturday...a bit warmer and we stayed in the house

The Key To Success

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Sept 20 - Wednesday...high in the upper 70's...Pounce had a vet appointment at 2 pm ("buncha" shots)
and was informed her teeth need cleaning...more money. Then a few uours were spent trying to switch the format for photos back to jpeg. I do not know how that happened, but it was corrected in setttings (finally).

 "I'm beginning to learn that 95% OB is not enough...and 85% is much worse......but 75%
                     is pretty good." 
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