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Dec 7 Today is garbage day........"cleaned house" of "stuff" following a general rule....."Not going to ever use again.....out". It is another cold day and training inside seemed like the logical choice. Just received a "ping" message showing the ten pups from THE litter. One is mine.

A thread on the Retriever Training Forum and having some time this morning, the following response was written as it related to "leash issues" vs. the past four years of training Pounce.

It is not the leash....the collar....or the puppy.

A brief video with the two of you in a heeling session might provide a much needed perspective.
A general rule for teaching and training is "When things go is not the dog". There were several different approaches presented in this thread. They all work if applied correctly (by someone that knows what they are doing). However, the correct approach to any issue depends
on the pup in question and the skill set of the trainer.
An experienced trainer will adjust.

Frankly, I do not see how anyone can tell you exactly what is needed without any perspective as it relates mostly to the trainer.

To repeat "It is not the leash....the collar....or the puppy." Make a video with you in it. Seeing
yourself in action is often informative (or not).

      The question to answer is "Why is the pup more interested in a leash than the trainer?

Legend Lake "Goose Refuge"

Dec 8 Cold, in the upper twenties with most of the snow gone. Pounce and I went the the iced over goose pond to remove our blind. When there is snow on the ground, there is no way to drive near enough. It took about two hours which included having Pounce run a few "cast back to a distant line, stand-alone" singles. This evening will be the usual off lead work indoors.  

When removing the blind, it became clear that a field mouse had discovered quite a neat place to spend the winter. Pounce did not notice....but I did. It is strange how one can feel a bit of a twinge about the plight of one insignificant, little mouse. I moved it to a large piece of bark beneath a dead pine tree. Perspective is often very whimsical.

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"cast back to a distant line, stand alone single"

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note: Pounce is no longer in heat.

Dec 1 cold, cloudy and windy - Pounce did a brief session of retrieving in the snow covered yard with a new Gunners Up "Ergo-Fetch" Bumper.
Dec 2 rain until late afternoon...changing to snow     Received info from the breeder on my next and probably last pup. It was to be second choice black female, but there was only one. The person that had first pick black female "switched" his decision to taking a black male instead. Therefore, I don't really have any choice. Then again if there were just two black females, I still would have one choice. Or one could rationalize I am getting the best black female in the litter.
Dec 3, 4 cold, some snow...wet, damp and miserable...Pounce is in heat and later than usual.
                       note: Last year her late year heat cycle was the first week in November.
Dec 5,6 Pounce did extended, "up beat" Hillmann style sessions using the indoor heated deck

Dec 9, 10, 11 Pounce did extended exercise sessions in the indoor, heated training area. Monday morning (9th), an early drive revealed a rare phenomenon - hoarfrost. 
Got home in time to run the camera "around" for a few photos. Editing for a blue sky was not easy. However, several very different "views" provided a variety of effects.