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refer to April 28, 2018 journal for the following two KRDs

"Flip-Flop" KRDs - Roscoe Riverside Park DTA - Dec '17

The "All-Purpose" Training Setup

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Many years ago on the Retriever Training Forum, there were several trainers discussing the use of a field setup called the Key Relationship Drill. It can be modified to fit several levels of training and is especially valuable for maintenance. In addition, the KRD is easy to setup (anywhere) and very trainer friendly for "solo" field work. The specifics depend on "dropping the design" into terrain where a variety of concepts can be presented. Modifying it to fit the needs and/or skills of each dog is simple. The focus is to "do what each dog needs". This is a "dog friendly" setup for teaching the "poison bird" concept. The  best approach is to build (add) one concept at a time.

It should be noted that once one has trained quite a bit, looking at fields takes on an entirely different mind set. "I see setups" all the time.....I can't help it.  KRD  pictures are much easier to "see".  It is not unlike driving down the back roads of North Dakota and visualizing "That would be a great spot to hunt."

                      The following photos are various diagrams and field setups of  KRDs from the past.