Oct 10 rain in the morning, gathered "parts" of the Kwick, semi-portable goose blind.                                                     note: photos from last year

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Oct 6 more rain...This is the second time this year Thorson Pond had been out of its banks. A nearby stream revealed how high water is capable of a great deal of damage. Two good things were noted. The residual "duckweed" was flushed out (contrast the banks and duckweed in both photos) and more geese were using the pond. 

 Oct 5 trained in the Thorson Pond "Grassy Area" (late morning).......cool, cloudy with heavy dew in the grass....Pounce did a "review" of the drill we did yesterday in a different location. When finished with the lining session, she "fogged" a "fun" Dokken blind.
          note: Geese are "moving" and using Thorson Pond.

After retiring twenty-two years ago, a decision to NOT buy a cabin in Wisconsin and build our own resort resulted in adding a "special place" to our house - a large, indoor, all season swimming pool. Having never done much construction before, the task was a bit overwhelming at first. After the excavation, there was no turning back. It took about three years to complete. This was because winter in northern Illinois creates delays. The biggest challenge was convincing private contractors to do foundation and gas/electrical installations. When a home owner is the architect..that can be an issue. Then there were the "meetings" with the zoning board plus county permit "hoops" to "jump through".

That was twenty-two years ago. Just recently, the fluorescent lighting began to fail and over the last two weeks, my son helped replace all of them by removing ballasts and installing two 48" LED tubes in eleven fixtures . He is much younger and does "stuff" like this easily. I was the 78 year old "gopher". 

The following YouTube video is a 7-Bumper Lining Drill done when Pounce was 21 months old.
             note: This drill should be initially taught using white bumpers (Pounce "sees" orange).

Oct 7, 8 two days off from training....more rain
Oct 9 much warmer & no rain.......five different things to do 1) checked on soggy terrain near the site of a goose blind (too muddy for van), 2) purchase three year  county rabies tag for Daisy, 3) check to see how muddy the Harrison Road DTA is (need to smooth out mud tracks from a few weeks ago)....still too wet, 4) pick up a holding blind left after a training session and 5) trained Pounce at the County Four Lakes DTA. The technical pond was as high as I have ever seen it with water flowing "over" the southwest corner. In addition, the waist high plus weed cover around the entire shoreline had been "whacked". Pounce ran seven "walk-around, send back" singles with a Dokken and primer pistol (wonderful session).

HR KwickLabs Fountain of Youth SH

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Yesterday was nearly 80°F and tomorrow it will be in the low 40's with rain. The  pool water and room was a comfortable 85°F....went swimming at 4 PM.  Just before sunset, Pounce was taken to the Four Lakes DTA to run a quick Dokken blind.

Oct 11 high in the 40's......10:30 am 43°F with "wind chill" of 32°F = day off for Pounce
Oct 12 a day like yesterday....no rain, windy & cold....mowed lawn & mulched leaves
Oct 13 van loaded with all the parts to a portable goose blind
Oct 14
At about 5 pm the van was taken the north shore of Thorson Pond to "drop off" most of the goose blind (parts). Some geese were flushed off the pond. The plan was they would NOT be right back in the morning. 
Oct 15
This morning the Kwick goose blind installation went well and only four geese were "aware". The plan to not educated many geese went well and the blind is about 90% ready to use. It has wind and rain protection in a dugout style with a "swing out" shooting window. One more "panel" of grass needs to be installed on the north side. 
In addition, spay paint will be applied to the upper third so as to make it blend in more with the dark, shady background.                 

 Pounce ran a point blind in the bean field at the Thorson Pond DTA.
(two whistled the first & lined the next four...fast, fun...exercise)

Initially, this drill is run with white bumpers with larger angles starting with a perpendicular line, close up on one end and gradually increasing the angles.  Running with a "two-sided"
heeling approach is a useful alternative.  It is a variation of the Seven Bumper Lining Drill.  

Geese In Thorson Pond (covered with "duckweed" - before)

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"a Dokken run"

Oct 1 rain most of the day and in the 60's for a high.....Begin the preparation/push for duck and goose hunting season (Oct 20th) while "mixing" in a training routine for running early 2019 (Feb/Mar) HRC Upland Tests (chukars).
Oct 2 did not train......easy, fun. leg stretching exercise......middle 60's and cloudy
Oct 3 yard work......heeling, holding blind, two pile lining exercise with Dokkens
Oct 4 Daisy - vet appointment (Rabies & Distemper). After the vet's, Pounce ran an "up-tempo" modification of the "Seven Bumper" Lining Drill in the Thorson Pond "Grassy Area" DTA. 
   note: Pounce is a "high roller" and is extremely into anything involving retrieves.

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