Jan 6 Thursday - high 14°F, low 4°F (single digit lows - next five days)..Gigi and Pounce will repeat yesterday's indoor OB practice & exercise...did one indoor training session...precise practice and many "reps". On a side  

       note: A training forum post touched on an issue with society in general. It led me to the following link.

Jan 9 Monday - high of 10°F....Gigi and Pounce did one indoor training session (around noon)
Jan 10 Tuesday....early - 2°F & +10°F in the afternoon...repeat yesterday's work indoors. This has been an ideal time to practice using the new Dogtra E-collars when going to and from the airing yard. Trying to keep it simple has proven not so easy.
Jan 11 Wednesday....high of 29°F...Gigi & Pounce continued practicing with more complex, responsive games
while I have been working on my teaching skills

Jan 12 Thursday.....it is still winter...Gigi & Pounce worked indoors again.....responsiveness, control and focus were expected. At this point in time the "where" is rather sterile. Eventually, when warm weather arrives, the distraction phase becomes more significant ("what & where"). The plan includes one group training per week.

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Jan 1-2 Saturday/Sunday....This was supposed to be the beginning of the winter field training process with Gigi and Pounce. However, by the time late Saturday evening arrives we will be well on our way to six inches of snow. The metal goose blind frame is now stored in the shed waiting until next season.  Much of this month's HRC field focused setups will be determined by the weather. Monday/Tuesday (next week) will be very cold with deep, drifting snow. The "iffy" bad weather days will be OB training done indoors on the pool deck. It will be 65°F all winter long with no wind. The three OB links from last month that were extracted from Northern Flight Website (archived - "WayBack Machine") will be the foundation for the next three months of regular OB training.            

Jan 15 Sunday - high of 24°F......The weather indoors is easy to deal with. Gigi and Pounce practiced.  The primary focus of the training sessions has been to create balance in the Five Factor method - retrieving, "birdiness", focus, control and responsiveness. Today's session involved teaching by iterating responses.
          "Iteration" is the repetition of a process in order to generate an unbounded, better sequence of
          outcomes. Each slight change during the repetitions represents a single iteration and the outcome
          of each iteration becomes a starting point for the next. As sessions progress a skill is enhanced.
          As In mathematics and computer science, iteration along with the related technique of recursion is
          a standard element of algorithms.
                            note: Synonyms for iteration are duplication, redo, reduplication, reiteration,
                                      renewal, repeat, repetition, replay

                            note: A learning algorithm is a set of instructions used in teaching that allows a
                                      training program to create/imitate the way a retriever improves skill sets
          To repeat, a retriever training program is simply a set of instructions based on iterated responses
          which result in better training (in theory). "Not perfect initially, but gradually to much better" is an
          example of the process of iteration. Understanding "The Learning Process" enhances training.
          Divide and conquer serves as a top-down approach to problem solving where problems are
          reduced by solving smaller and smaller imperfectoins.

Jan 7 Friday - at noon...-3°F with 5 inches of snow....Gigi and Pounce each did an indoor OB session - heeling at different speeds (on lead, forward and backward), Hillmann's new "approach to the line", a five minute remote down, whistle sit/cast retrieves, front sit delivery (occasionally), remote drop and use of a placeboard. A great deal of eye contact was sought during the session (balancing responsiveness, focus and control).
                  note: spent some time re-organizing and charging all the electronics...e-collars (Two Dog Dogtra
                           1902S and Two Dog TriTronics Sport UpLand G3) plus six Dogtra Remote Winger electronics

Jan 8 Saturday/Sunday - two cold winter days.....more indoors work (afternoon sessions)

Jan 13-14 Friday/Saturday - cold with more snow...all water is iced over except the Rock River several miles to the west. However, the large lake nearby (in a subdivision) has placed several aerators which provide a open water, rest areas for quite a few geese. There are several corn fields nearby and this makes it easier for them to "weather" the winter. It has become physically more obvious that being 81+ years old is a daily test. In addition, our house has four different levels and walking up and down stairs (a lot) is a daily routine.  With four generations of family members, our routines are congested. Add two retrievers that require some time and the days are full. It is 2:30PM on Saturday afternoon with snow on the ground. Three generations just left to take a long walk. The fourth (now a 102 years old) is confined to her restricted, downstairs area. I will be taking Gigi and Pounce out into the heated indoor area for a training session...this afternoon. It is good to be retired. The real challenge begins this spring. Can I physically run Gigi and Pounce in HRC hunt tests? 

Cold winter days are warm...."inside"

Hot summer days are cool...."inside".

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Jan 3-4 Monday..cold blowing snow -2°F early morning...Tuesday..19°F high....clear, windy & sunny day
Jan 5 Wednesday -7°F early, blowing snow and 25 mph wind (advisory)...Pounce and Gigi worked on their skill sets from the links described in the orange/blue link buttons above (Butch Goodwin). The training area is on the deck surrounding our indoor swimming pool (middle sixties and comfortable). In addition, they did a brief introduction to a skill set explained in Bill Hillmann's newest YouTube - "Getting To The Line Correctly". Both  picked it up very quickly. The skill of having a dog "look out" and advantageously aimed into a wide field setup will prove useful (especially so in the HRC setups Pounce and Gigi will be running later this year).

notes: Dremel Pounce and Gigi's nails (soon) & repeat Gigi's Panacur treatment Jan 21st

Jan 16 Monday - another indoor session for Gigi and Pounce working on balancing the five factors

                          note: did a search for easy drive HRC hunt test dates starting in May 9
                                   (about a dozen to choose from)
Jan 17 Tuesday - continue winter training

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