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                       The Immaculate Perception
           This Website is a
personal Journal. It is NOT meant
           to be a "How To Train Retrievers" manual. In some
            cases, it reveals...."How NOT To Train Retrievers".

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KwickLabs is now 81 years old and will be 82 August 17, 2022.. The Kwick WEB provides the format for a journal that presently is focused on daily events revolving around two Labrador retrievers. The oldest is KwickLabs Fountain of Youth ("Pounce"). Her hunting lab pedigree name is HR KwickLabs Fountain of Youth SH. On January 25, 2019 a new "KwickLab" arrived. Her hunting lab pedigree name is KwickLabs Gorgeous name "Gigi". Pounce was running HRC Finished hunt tests this summer. Both will be hunting geese in the late fall on Thorson Pond..

  "I'm beginning to learn that 95% OB is not enough...and      
    85% is much  worse.........but 75% is pretty good."    
                            KwickLabs  Sept., 2006 is a GoDaddy Website replacing the original version of

              which is now only available on the Wayback Machine.                                                     test

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